Tektite, small
Tektite, small

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Product Description: Tektites are rare, naturally occurring formations of molten, glass-like mineral compounds, up to several centimeters in size, that are believed to have been formed by the impact of large meteorites on the earths surface.

Tektites may provide daily personal protection from artificial, life-depleting EMF sources all around you such as cell phone towers, power lines, radio waves, computers, cell phones, etc.

Manufacturer: Premier Research Labs

Recommended Usage: Place in pocket.

Great For:
Great for traveling – may protect the body against toxic EMF sources such as airport screening devices. Carry one Tektite in each pocket (on both sides of the body) to protect the body from negative EMFs as well as to balance the body's polarity.

1-2 Grams of Tektite

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