Leptica, ManAge Energy & Vitality, 2 oz.
Leptica, ManAge Energy & Vitality, 2 oz.

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Description: Promotes production of growth hormone and leptin. Growth hormone decreases with age, and influences cell life, division, repair, and renewal - the basics of life. Supports increased energy, quality of sleep, sense of vitality, and positive mood
Reduces cravings and helps steer the body's primary fuel source to fat.

Manufacturer: Leptica

Recommended Usage
: 3 sprays under the tongue 3 times daily. Best taken upon rising, mid-to-late afternoon, and mid-to-late evening. Do not eat, drink or brush teeth for at least 30 minutes before and 5 minutes after taking.

Ingredients: A proprietary combination of isopathic non-molecular, recombinant DNA human polypeptides hGh & leptin & testosterone-based.

Great For:
Stimulate male hormonal signaling. Enhance vitality, energy & sense of self. Improve cognitive and memory functions. Decrease cravings and fat mass. Increase physical performance.

2 fl oz

: Store in a cool, dry place. Away from sunlight, microwaves, computers and x-rays.

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