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Invincible Essences, Pain Relief
Invincible Essences, Pain Relief

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Apply directly to any painful joint muscle for instant relaxation and relief.

A healing blend of 100% Organic Rosemary, Birch, Peppermint & Helichrysum.

Size: 10ml

Dr. Cousens' testimonial:

I am delighted that Shanti has come out with her own company called Invincible Essences. She has blended a unique combination of the highest quality of 100% pure aroma oils from around the world. I’ve enjoyed the specialness of having my own private aroma therapist for many years. We have actually visited various aromatherapy resources around the world, such as in Egypt, Israel, India, and the US, and thus have had the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the essential oils. One of the prime understanding, from my point of view, is that essential oils are the living essence of the life force of the plant or herb being used. Essential oils are a higher note of live foods. Aromatherapy has been used throughout the world for at least 3,500 years although I suspect it was even before that. The epicenter of that appears to be the Middle East, particularly with Egypt and the Arabian countries, and Israel. Three thousand three hundred years ago in Israel they were using the essences and fragrances in the Temple ceremonies. Essential oils are not a new thing. In the Middle Ages some aroma oil blends that she uses are modifications of such amazing immune strengthening anti-pathogenic formula blends that were used successfully against the Bubonic plague. These oils can be useful for protection against all forms of diseases at one level, particularly with viruses, bacteria, and funguses to a certain extent. They are also powerful for the use of protecting and restoring a variety of bodily organ systems and the immune system as well as enhancing and empowering one’s aura. I’ve used them in a variety of ways in my work at Tree of Life and prior to that because of their subtle effectiveness. Today with all the concern about viruses, Ebola, flues, and so forth, essential oils are key for traveling, especially in airplanes, and creating a field of protection. At the next octave up, these oils really enhance one’s own frequency as they integrate into our own frequency the elevated keynote oils, such as frankincense and rose.

These essential oils act to uplift and purify not only our own bodies but our dwellings as well. The use of these oils is a way to literally uplift the frequency of a whole home. The oils that Shanti uses are guaranteed to be the highest quality oils and are completely 100% pure. There are only a few oils from a few high integrity companies on the market around the world that are not adulterated. She has vowed to use only the highest purity of oils; and only uses oils that are checked for purity using gas chromatography, which can detect impurities or low-grade oils that are a common problem in the essential oil business. Shanti stores her oils in special miron bottles that protect them from degrading from UV light. Also Invincible Essences is one of the few companies using all ecological labels. Additionally, in keeping with the vast historical power of essential oils that comes from the Middle East there is an artful Middle Eastern flare in her presentation that brings with it the teaching and subtle intellectual, emotional energies of the aroma oils in general. I have been using these essential oils for years, and I thank Shanti for bringing these oils to the public so that they can be made available on a wider scale to uplift the frequency of the general public.

Blessings to your health, and may everyone’s frequencies be uplifted by the gentle power of these oils.

Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), ND(hc), DD
Diplomate Ayurveda, Diplomate Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, Director of Tree of Life - DrCousens.com

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