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Hippocrates Health Program by Brian Clement Hippocrates Life Force by Brian Clement Food is Medicine, Vol. 1 by Brian Clement
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Manufacturer: (Author) Hippocrates Health InstituteHere is a pocket-sized overview of the Hippocrate's Health Institute's program for using a raw- and living-food diet to fight disease. This book documents over fifty years of daily work at Hippocrates with people striving to regain and enhance their health, and provides tips for how essential aspects of the program can be incorporated into daily life.A broad range of health and lifestyle topics are explored with information prese Life Force, Brian Clement Tens of thousands of scientific studies have been performed worldwide affirming the fundamental role that unprocessed, unheated plant-based food plays in the process of disease recovery and prevention. Food IS Medicine is a three-volume series presenting noteworthy and provocative data from studies clearly demonstrating that the most important ingested medicine comes from the food we consume.The key finding of each study is summarized in accessible language for both the layperson