Affiliate Program

Becoming a Dr. Cousens' Online Store Affiliate is a way to contribute to better health and wellness worldwide, all while earning commissions supporting an important cause.

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Reasons to become an affiliate include:
  1. To help spread the Tree of Life mission, and to help create better health and wellness worldwide.
  2. To earn commissions through
  3. To participate in sacred commerce, through a business that is committed to ecological sustainability, social responsibility, and the evolution of human consciousness.
  4. To be an energetic part of Dr. Cousens' community.
How does it work?
  1. Create an account
  2. You will get a unique affiliate ID and tools to help you generate promotional banners.
  3. Use your unique affiliate links to responsibly promote the Dr. Cousens' Online Store on the internet, using banner ads, emails, blogs etc.
  4. Whenever a visitor sees these promotions and clicks on your affiliate link, they are tracked. This tracking mechanism is done by placing an Internet cookie on the visitor's computer so that the affiliate marketing software knows you referred them.
  5. After clicking on your link, that visitor is redirected to the Dr. Cousens' Online Store, and your affiliate id is recorded.
  6. When that visitor decides to make a purchase, the affiliate software generates a 7% commission for you.
Thank you for considering our affiliate program. We would love your help in spreading the message of better health and wellness.

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