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Dr. Cousens' Online Store carries only the highest quality holistic health products, designed to support a healthy body, mind and spirit.

All of our products have been personally tested and specifically recommended by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD with his more than 40 years of clinical experience in the field of natural health, longevity and chronic disease prevention.

We are constantly upgrading our product list since to ensure that we only carry the highest quality products available. You can be sure that you receiving the best product recommendations and nutritional advice available today.

As our research continues, our knowledge and understanding surrounding the human body and optimal health continues to expand, and we take much joy in being able to share the fruit of that research with you.

Thank you for your continued interest in working together with us to create a better world through healthy, awakened living.

About Dr. Cousens

Gabriel Cousens is the author of seven internationally acclaimed books including Spiritual Nutrition and Creating Peace by Being Peace.

Known worldwide as a spiritual teacher and the leading expert in live, plant-source nutrition, Dr. Cousens functions as a holistic physician, psychiatrist, family therapist, and cutting edge researcher on healing diabetes naturally.

He holds an M.D. from Columbia Medical School, a doctorate in homeopathy, and diplomas in Ayurveda, clinical acupuncture, and holistic medicine. His multi-cultural background as an ordained rabbi, an acknowledged yogi, and a four-year Native American sundancer, adds insight to his “whole-person enlightenment” teachings.

Dr. Cousens is the founder and director of the Tree of Life Foundation and the Tree of Life Center US.

About the Tree of Life Center

The Tree of Life was founded by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H) to support and inspire holistic lifestyle through education and experience. The center's spiritual guidance, lifestyle education, and medical programs are complemented with panoramic mountain views and 100% organic, raw, plant-based food that have drawn guests from over 126 countries since 1995.

For information about our on-site retreats and health programs, please contact us at 1-520-233-7010.

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