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The Food Revolution by John Robbins
The Food Revolution by John Robbins

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Description: John Robbins has finally outdone his masterpiece Diet For A New America. In this new book, John Robbins exposes the truth about popular standard American diets (SAD), genetically modified foods, Mad Cow disease, and the true impact of the foods we eat on ourselves and the environment.In an unbelievable barrage of incredibly researched facts, John Robbins presents information such as the amount of antibiotics administered to people in the United States annually: 3 million pounds, the amount administered to livestock in the United States annually: 24.6 million pounds; U.S. corn eaten by people: 2%, U.S. corn eaten by livestock: 77%; U.S. farmland producing vegetables: 4 million acres, U.S. farmland producing hay for livestock: 56 million acres; World's population living in the U.S.: 4%, World's beef eaten in the United States: 23%.Consistent scientific evidence (not coincidence or subjectivism) is the backbone of John Robbins' work. John Robbins' facts expose why vegetarian nutrition is the safest, sanest choice. John Robbins demonstrates that plant foods contain at least a thousand substances: phytochemicals, bioflavonoids, carotenoids, retinols, isoflavones, lycopene, genistein, and so on, that have anti-cancer, heart healing, and youthing properties.John Robbins wrote The Food Revolution with the belief that, given a chance, most people can tell the difference between propaganda of industries whose entire intention is to promote and sell products, and data from researchers and scientists whose focus is the public interest.

Manufacturer: (Author) John Robbins

Contents: 450 pages.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place. Away from direct sunlight.

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