Kan Herbs, Strengthen Metal, 2oz
Kan Herbs, Strengthen Metal, 2oz

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Description: The Lung Network interfaces between the organism and its environment via the skin, transmutes Food and Air Qi into Pure Qi (Zheng qi), and gives impetus to the internal movement of Qi and Blood through the mechanism of respiration, called Cardio-pulmonary Qi (Zong qi). The Qi of the Lung moves inward from its outward portal, the nose, and downward from the chest. Because of its interaction with the external environment, the Lung is susceptible to attack by external influences, especially those of Wind, Heat, and Dryness. Because of its down-bearing movement, it easily comes into conflict with the upbearing activity of the Liver. Because it receives the uprising Moisture (Nutritive Essence), it is prone to accumulation of Phlegm due to Dampness generated by the Spleen.

Manufacturer: Kan Herb Company.

Recommended Usage: 2-3 squirts (1 squirt = 2 droppersful), 2-4 times a day.

Ingredients: Huang Qi (astragalus); Zhe Bei Mu (Zhejiang fritillary bulb); Wu Wei Zi (schisandra fruit); Jie Geng (platycodon root); Chao Zhi Mu (fried anemarrhena rhizome); Gan Cao (Chinese licorice root); Gan Jiang (dried ginger rhizome); Sang Bai Pi (white mulberry bark); Chen Pi (tangerine dried rind of mature fruit); Sang Ye (white mulberry leaf); Zi Su Zi (perilla seed).

Great for: Reinforces Wei, replenishes Qi and Moisture, mobilizes Qi downward, dispels Wind and Phlegm, and opens the chest.

Contents: 2 oz.

Storage: Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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