Premier Research Labs, Liver-ND, 8 oz.
Premier Research Labs, Liver-ND, 8 oz.

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Description: Liver Nano-Detox supports rapid pain relief, often clearing pain within minutes. It also supports the body's natural histamine process and cellular DNA repair. Most importantly, Liver Nano-Detox facilitates optimal liver and gallbladder cleansing especially when used in conjunction with liver and gallbladder cleansing programs. Additionally, Liver Nano-Detox helps stimulate the flow of bile, aids in fat digestion, encourages healthy blood lipids and promotes the rejuvenate of the liver.

Manufacturer:: Premier Research Labs

Recommended Usage: Take 1/2 teaspoon mixed in water or juice, 2 times daily.

Ingredients: Reishi (whole and fermented Mycelial Extract) (Ganoderma luc.), Polyporous Umb. (whole); Pau D’Arco (bark) (Tabebuia hep.), Aloe Vera (inner leaf) (Aloe barb.), Carrot (root), Citrus Aurantium (fruit), Milk Thistle (seed) (Silybum mar.), Alfalfa (whole) (Medicago sat.), Beta- Sitosterol, Beet Extract (root), Blue Green Algae (whole) (Aphan. flos-aquae), Chlorella (whole; broken cell wall process) (C. pyrenoidosa), Noni (fruit, seed) (Morinda citrifolia), Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Tomato (min. 1% lycopene), Turmeric (rhizome) (Curcuma longa)

Specifications: Vegan

Great for: Optimal detoxification of the liver.

Contents:: 8 oz

Storage: Store in cool place away from direct sunlight.

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