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Mother Earth Minerals, Potassium, 8 oz.
Mother Earth Minerals, Potassium, 8 oz.

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Description: Element #19 on the Periodic Table, Potassium (K) (because it was originally named Kalium) is a very soft, silvery-white, alkali earth metal. Potassium is the major, essential element for plant and animal growth. The Potassium ion is the precursor to all human and animal growth hormones. With correct, angstrom-sized Potassium supplementation, there is little need for synthetic, potentially harmful-human growth hormone (HGH) supplementation.

Manufacturer: Mother Earth Minerals.

Recommended Usage: Most minerals should be taken early in the day.

Ingredients: Angstrom sized Potassium

Great For: Potassium works with Sodium, Cobalt, Oxygen, and Hydrogen on the cellular level to produce a vast array of biological transmutations - naturally producing Vitamins (an acronym for Vital Minerals) for health and well-being. Potassium deficiencies result in lethargy, aching muscles, brain fog, and malaise, a general lack of energy and helps regulate heartbeats. Raw fruits and leafy vegetables are historically high natural sources of Potassium, but modern high-nitrate fertilizers have lowered vegetable Potassium levels, and supplementation of this most vital cellular building block is often needed for optimum health.

Contents: 8 oz.

Storage: Store in cool place away from direct sunlight. Complimentary Products: Other Mother Earth Minerals Products.

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