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Mother Earth Minerals, Manganese, 8 oz.
Mother Earth Minerals, Manganese, 8 oz.

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Description: Element #25 on the Periodic Table, Manganese (Mn) is a steel-gray, hard, brittle metal. Manganese is a vital trace element in the breakdown of Hydrogen electrons at the cellular level, and helps the body maintain optimum blood pH (% of Hydrogen) levels. Manganese also helps the cell utilize Iron efficiently. Manganese is a component and vital catalyst of several key enzyme processes and is essential in order for the body to utilize protein and carbohydrate molecules.

Manufacturer: Mother Earth Minerals.

Recommended Usage: Most minerals should be taken early in the day.

Ingredients: Angstrom sized Manganese.

Great For: Manganese works with Selenium to help the body dissolve and eliminate potentially harmful fatty acids and cholesterol while it helps the synthesis of red blood cells and urea in the kidney. Manganese has been proven to help reduce and ease the pain of an enlarged prostate, battles atherosclerosis and heart disorders, lowers cholesterol, and promotes a healthy pancreas and improves vision. Like its cousin Magnesium, Manganese also regulates optimum oxygen synthesis and eliminates carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) from the blood.

Contents: 8oz.

Storage: Store in cool place away from direct sunlight.

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