Vivapura, Cacao Nibs, 16 oz.
Vivapura, Cacao Nibs, 16 oz.

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Vivapura offers raw, organic Cacao Nibs (Arriba Nacional, Aroma Defina variety) from Ecuador. We source our Cacao directly from the farm. It is a very rare, high-quality variety that is sensitively handled in its production process. Our Cacao is truly raw and grown on native soils where no chemicals, fertilizers, or herbicides have ever been used. The cacao has been dried under 118 degrees and has very low fermentation (all cacao has fermentation as an important part of the drying and curing process). Enjoy the best organic, raw chocolate on Earth!

Manufacturer: Vivapura.

Recommended Usage: Add in to your smoothies, sprinkle on top of your favorite dessert, add to your trail mix or granola for an energizing crunch, add to cookies as raw chocolate chips, simply eat for a natural boost!

Ingredients: Raw Organic Cacao Nibs

Great For: Super high in antioxidants, rich in minerals and vitamins, improves blood flow, cholesterol-friendly, enhances mood, increases energy and focus, suppresses pain.

Contents: 1 lb.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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