AEGEA- Quantum Energetics Energy Card
AEGEA Quantum Card

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The AEGEA ENERGENTICS ENERGY CARD is a revolutionary, carbon-fiber effective & easy to use, grounding frequency technology that works naturally to improve your food, health & well-being.

The ENERGENTICS ENERGY CARD is the intelligent way to assist with harmonizing consumable water, food, beverages and also for use on non-consumable liquids like lotions and cosmetics. Powered by AEGEA's proprietary QUANTUM RESONANCE TECHNOLOGY (QRT), the powerful programming in this card has the ability to interface with the natural harmonic resonance of water based products.

Product Life : 3 years


Simply wave the ENERGENTICS ENERGY CARD over your items to enjoy the benefits of Earth grounding energy. Within seconds you may experience a wide array of positive effects, energy, efficiencies, and even dramatic taste.

Great For: ASSIST & ENHANCE: Water, Beverages, Food, Beauty & Cosmetics, Strength & Energy, Mind & Body.
SUPPORT & RELIEVE: Stress, Headache, Discomfort, Body Weakness, Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMRSA1).

Contents: One 3 inch card.

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